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Rabbit Report 56 - Nostalgia

About time I put another RR up here, seeing as it's now a month and a half since RR55 appeared. Though what's maybe more worrying is that it's over a month since any other posts in this community. Come on, people: I can't believe that no-one has seen anything this summer. Please don't let this place become moribund. =:/

Anyway, back to my own report. I managed to get out to the "old" warren this morning, and despite the fact that sunrise isn't now until about ten to six, had quite a reasonable time. =:) As is usually the case, the rabbits were concentrated down the slope at the end of the field, which was annoying since that's where the two horses that also live there like to graze. Luckily, however, they stayed out of the way most of the time today.

The light wasn't all that good, but I think there was one big old Bigwig-type buck (though with less scarring =:P ), two outskirter types along the edge of the field, and one kitten of maybe three or four months old. I was particularly happy to see this kitten do one of those great "ping-turns" and scare the life out of "Bigwig" a few feet away; he bolted like anything for a second or so. =;P

The rabbits here must be very confident of their ability to reach cover quickly, as there were a lot of buzzards around; the most I've heard this summer. There were no alarms while I was there though, and as ever it was lovely to stand in full view watching the rabbits without causing them to run away. =:) One of the "outskirters" even seemed to know I liked watching them grooming and ear-combing since he gave me quite a display! =;)

I stayed around 45 minutes this morning, before most of the rabbits wandered off out of view, but I did manage to get in one further bunny-spot on my way home, when a rather wide-eyed rabbit (not quite to hare standards, but close) burst across the corner of the adjacent field before stopping right on the edge, obligingly just in range of my binoculars. All in all, not a bad morning's work at all. =:)
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