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Bunwatch - Cwningeningod yng Nghymru

This is a pretty old Bunwatch, but here it is anyway. Quite some time ago now, I went to look at a warren in a...*coughs* playing field in Wales...however, I was disappointed, when I got there, to find no sign of any rabbits at all, despite there having been some on the previous visit. (Perhaps they were off playing rugby. =;)) Still, wandering on a bit further, I went into a second-hand bookshop, and on looking out of the window saw...rabbits! They were across the road, and on the other side of a large river, so I had to use binoculars to see them...nonetheless, it was obvious that there were lots of them! Well, thirteen at least. There were four or five in one field, popping in and out of the hedge-line, and also some in the field above, as well as one grazing in the gateway to the lower field. The rabbits in the lower field seemed to be most interested in eating and resting than the others (who were running around all the time) and one even sunbathed for a few minutes, prompting another to go and sniff it curiously. After that, I noticed that there were also some rabbits towards the bottom of the adjacent field - most were grazing, but two were playing a game of tail-tag, going round and round in circles. =:D Another rabbit from this field obviously decided it wanted a change, and ran into the next field, where it got into a bit of a chase with a rabbit that was already grazing there. I don't know whether this was something to do with dominance, or just play, but it soon settled down, and the two rabbits began to graze near each other. I watched them for a little while longer, but the sun eventually went in, and the rabbits went with it, and in any case, our viewing point was quite exposed. Still, from what could have been a completely rabbitless day, it'd turned into a pretty good Bunwatch...
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