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Rabbit Report 58 - The return!

It's been so, so long, and for a while this spring I feared the local warrens might even be teetering on the brink of extinction... but some nice weather pulled me outside before 5am today, and Frith am I glad I went.

Nothing spectacular to report, but at the Forest Warren I saw three bounding bunnies, two fallow deer - but no partridges, in pear trees or otherwise. =:P On my way home, however, I walked past the gate along the lane where I stop to take in the view sometimes... and there were three more rabbits playing around and nibbling at the grass on the edge of the pasture!

Naturally I stayed and watched for a while as the sun rose behind me (the direction meaning I could use the binoculars sensibly), and was rewared by one of the bunnies deciding then would be an excellent time to do a good bit of grooming, washing and ear-combing. =:) I only dragged myself away when the rabbits lolloped off into a patch of such long grass that I could only see the tips of their ears at all! =:P

So, could this be the start of a renaissance in my rabbiteering? I want to go off to the Road Warren one evening when the weather's nice (and those embleer horses aren't going to pester me), and if that comes off then I might even be able to get some photos as well. Stay tuned to find out!
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