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Rabbit Report 60 - Back on track?

Well now, maybe things aren't quite as black as I painted them last week. This morning I decided to check out the Road Warren, and while I didn't get to see anything very thrilling, I did see real live rabbits! =:) There was one rabbit right on the edge of town, which was a start. Then two or three kittens on a verge near the roundabout, though these were extremely nervous and bolted almost as soon as I saw them - hence my uncertainty about their numbers. There were also a couple (not together) in my usual field, though naturally the two horses that graze there chose that moment to run across the field and frighten them off again!

The Road Warren is a bit more of an expedition to get to than the Lane Warren, but given that I saw no rabbits last week and hrair this week, if the Lane Warren doesn't improve soon I may concentrate my rabbiteering efforts a little further afield. Unfortunately at this time of year sunrise is directly in my line of sight when I'm in position for the field, so I can't use binoculars unless it's overcast. In June, with the sun's position having shifted southwards, it's a bit of a different story, and with sunrise being so much earlier there's far less traffic noise too, which encourages the bunnies to silflay more confidently. =:)
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