A few days ago, one rabbiteering trip to my usual local spot showed a lot of activity, including even a bit of fight at one point.

Here, though, one bun's demonstrating the need to chill out now and then. ^_^



I just had the shocking realisation that it's been quite some time since this comm saw activity, and that I haven't posted any of my shots here since 2008! ^_^; (Wow, that last one must've been fairly soon after I got my TZ5.. and thus began an expensive journey =:)

Here's one that's still one of my absolute favorites, displaying that wondrous athleticism of leporine kind, "Skydiving".

Do other rabbiteering peeps have bunpics to share? The world can always use more bunnies. *nods*
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2008 rabbiteering (at last!)

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What better way to mark Beatrix Potter's 142nd birthday than with a record of my first successful rabbiteering outing for absolutely ages? Both these bunnies were snapped on Clee Hill Common in Shropshire, which these days is one of my most productive rabbiteering areas. Considering that the buzzards1 and ravens were out in force when I was there, I was quite pleased to manage a couple of decent photos. Not much more to say, other than "Enjoy!" =:)

(Click to enlarge to 800x600)
Bunny One

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Bunny Two

1For the benefit of New World readers, "buzzard" in Britain refers to a hawk of the genus Buteo, generally (as in this case) the Common Buzzard. It does not mean a vulture (we don't have those) and is not a derogatory term as I understand it can be in the United States.
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Finnish hare stamp

Two off the beaten track

At long last, I can contribute to this community! I recently took up a new gig, and the office just happens to be close to a long (thirteen miles, I believe) walking/cycling path. Most lunchtimes, I'll head around there, and quietly enjoy the sight of one or two, or even several, wild rabbits living out their lives, entirely independent of humans, although benefiting from being on and adjacent to some quiet farmland.

Most of today's shots were unremarkable, but this one caught my eye. ^_^ (The camera's a friend's Minolta A200 - certainly can take good photos, but I'm going to have to work out how to effectively focus on what I consider the star of the photo, given its notion tends more towards the nearer ground. I'm looking towards a Lumix TZ5, but I'm wondering if I might need to aim for something more heavyweight eventually, when funds permit, in order to gain the use of high power zoom lenses. Either that, or learn the secret lapine words for "come closer, I'm harmless" =:)

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Too precious even for rabbits

Some young rabbit has built a nest just off the back patio of the house of some friends. It doesn't seem the best choice of location, as our friends discovered it when one of them went over it with a lawn mower! *gasp!* Fortunately the nest was slightly below ground as none of the young ones were injured -- though the nest was moving around a lot as I'm sure that the babies were terrified by the noise. Fortunately our friends are kind to rabbits. They gently covered over the nest and have marked off the area so it's safe from future mowings.

When I was over visiting last evening, mom came to give the babies their bedtime snack. I didn't have the best view as we were all trying to keep a good distance, but at one point I saw tiny little legs wiggling in the air. My guess is that a young rabbit was on it's back squirming while suckling on it's mother. Awwww. :) Best of luck little bunnies!
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Rabbit Report 60 - Back on track?

Well now, maybe things aren't quite as black as I painted them last week. This morning I decided to check out the Road Warren, and while I didn't get to see anything very thrilling, I did see real live rabbits! =:) There was one rabbit right on the edge of town, which was a start. Then two or three kittens on a verge near the roundabout, though these were extremely nervous and bolted almost as soon as I saw them - hence my uncertainty about their numbers. There were also a couple (not together) in my usual field, though naturally the two horses that graze there chose that moment to run across the field and frighten them off again!

The Road Warren is a bit more of an expedition to get to than the Lane Warren, but given that I saw no rabbits last week and hrair this week, if the Lane Warren doesn't improve soon I may concentrate my rabbiteering efforts a little further afield. Unfortunately at this time of year sunrise is directly in my line of sight when I'm in position for the field, so I can't use binoculars unless it's overcast. In June, with the sun's position having shifted southwards, it's a bit of a different story, and with sunrise being so much earlier there's far less traffic noise too, which encourages the bunnies to silflay more confidently. =:)
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Just a quickie of a photo to kick off 2007. Where I work now, we're a bit rural based, so I often have chance to pass a rabbit here and there. You can tell we're truly into spring now just from the sheer number of kits about, one of which happened to jump across my path just last week. Thank goodness for the camera phone...

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