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Rabbit Report 57 - Nostalgia mark 2

This Rabbit Report is a week out of date, for which I apologise, but last weekend I had a very pleasant hour at the same "old" warren mentioned in RR 56. With the mornings getting darker now it may well be the last time this year that I get a reasonably long stay there, so I was pleased that it was a rewarding one. =:) The horses had been moved off to another field for a while, which helped a lot as it meant that I could hang around without worrying that they'd wander over and scare off the rabbits. =:P

As for bunny-related action, there was actually probably more than I've seen anywhere else this summer. =:) It was slightly misty, which made it hard to tell exactly what was going on, but there were a couple of fine examples of ping-turning, which always scares the living daylights out of said rabbits' silflaying companions! =;) And something nicely reminiscent of last year was the big old buck who seemed to take it as a personal insult that the juicy dandelions didn't come over to him. =:P

And finally, finally, finally - the first time this year, would you believe? - a calm young rabbit actually decided to do a bit of combing of his ears where I could actually watch properly. =:) I don't know what it is about ear-combing, but it fascinates me and I must have spent eight or ten minutes watching. Doesn't sound long, but actually it's quite a while to be looking at exactly the same thing, and I was slightly surprised that the rabbit in question took so much time over it. Maybe he was going to a party later on. =;)

A couple of buzzards, but nothing excessive; more crows this time. Certainly the rabbits weren't worried either by them or by me standing around a short distance away; it's so nice when you can stand and watch them without their dashing off the second you appear. =:) They did eventually lollop away into the undergrowth past the shed in the corner of the field, but by that time I'd had about the best rabbiteer of the year, so I wasn't bothered. =:)

And finally... *looks plaintive* is anyone else going to post? Please? =:/
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