Andy (ashoemaker) wrote in rabbiteering,

Hello fellow rabbiteers!

Horray! A group of people with whom I can share my random comments of joy at seeing a rabbit nibbling grass while on a walk, or one spotted on my way home from work, wisely staying out of the road as I pass. Not that my partner minds hearing them either -- fortunately he seems pleasantly amused by my stories.

My favorite bunny memory was watching one earing dandilions flowers in my back yard. The rabbit would hop over to one and bite off the stem at the base. *munch* *munch* *munch* ... with the stem sticking out of his mouth like a farmer with a piece of hay, he ate up the whole stalk. After finishing off the flower, he moved on to the next one. Too cute! Who needs weed chemicals when you have rabbits around??

BTW, my default LJ icon here is from a photo I took my front yard a few years ago. =:)
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