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Rabbit Report 59 - A bits'n'pieces summer

This is my first Rabbit Report since June, an eventuality I didn't expect back then, but unfortunately there just hasn't been enough happening to make it worthwhile to write a full RR. However, what I can do is to lump several outings together and give a general picture of how the local lapine population is getting on. =:)

Overall, it's been a slight improvement from last year and 2004, though still not as outstanding as that wonderful summer of 2003. All three of my main warrens (Road, Lane And Forest) seem still to be thriving, albeit with relatively low populations, and none have suffered the sad fate that enteirah reported in his post here earlier this month. As usual, horses grazing in two of the fields have made lengthy observation rather difficult, but I've seen enough to reassure me.

The Lane Warren is the smallest in terms of population - I've not seen more than three rabbits there at a time - but also the most relaxing to watch from, since there's very little traffic and in the morning the sun is behind me allowing easy viewing. Here too the rabbits seem the boldest, happily silflaying even when I stand in full view by the gate a matter of a few yards distant.

The Road Warren is noisier, with an irritatingly inquisitive equine population, but more populous; five or six rabbits can usually be seen of a morning. This one is much closer to houses, so care needs to be taken with the binoculars, but the warren seems to be thriving. Certainly the farm cats consider it worth stalking around there - this is not altogether a good thing, of course! =:P

Finally, the Forest Warren. This is more overgrown than it used to be, and is probably more suited these days to deer than rabbits, but a few hardy souls are still clinging on, though they do seem extremely shy. I get the feeling that this place will be cleared up a bit before long, though hopefully that won't be done in any excessive manner, as the edge of the forest is part of a National Nature Reserve.

Anyway, there's an overview of how things are going at my local warrens: quietly for the most part, but also generally calmly and steadily, which can't be all bad.
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Nice to hear about those warrens again! ^^ (And horses can't help being inquisitive, you know... =;P)