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Not the greatest start to the 2007 season...

Rabbiteering 2007 started a little before six o'clock this morning. The weather was reasonable - misty and chilly but dry - but a potentially serious problem has presented itself. The important field is not being built on or anything like that, but the necessary quiet approach is currently impossible. You see...

...the Lane Warren, the one that until now had been the most reliably peaceful at dawn, can only be reached along one lane1 and a couple of hundred yards before getting there I have to pass a large house and garden. Unlike last year, there are now three Newfoundland dogs in there, which bark very long and very loud every embleer time anyone walks past. Unsurprisingly, there were no rabbits around when I got to the warren field.

I can hardly go to the owners of the house and say, "Could you please put your dogs in the back garden so I can watch rabbits in peace?" since I doubt they'd be all that well disposed towards such a request! So unless these dogs learn/are trained not to make such a racket - which for now seems unlikely - I'm seriously handicapped in observing this particular warren. As I say, not a particularly fantastic start to the year. =:/

1Actually there is another route, but it involves a huge detour (of several miles!) and I just don't have the time to do that on a normal morning's outing.
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