Andy (ashoemaker) wrote in rabbiteering,

Too precious even for rabbits

Some young rabbit has built a nest just off the back patio of the house of some friends. It doesn't seem the best choice of location, as our friends discovered it when one of them went over it with a lawn mower! *gasp!* Fortunately the nest was slightly below ground as none of the young ones were injured -- though the nest was moving around a lot as I'm sure that the babies were terrified by the noise. Fortunately our friends are kind to rabbits. They gently covered over the nest and have marked off the area so it's safe from future mowings.

When I was over visiting last evening, mom came to give the babies their bedtime snack. I didn't have the best view as we were all trying to keep a good distance, but at one point I saw tiny little legs wiggling in the air. My guess is that a young rabbit was on it's back squirming while suckling on it's mother. Awwww. :) Best of luck little bunnies!
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