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2008 rabbiteering (at last!)

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What better way to mark Beatrix Potter's 142nd birthday than with a record of my first successful rabbiteering outing for absolutely ages? Both these bunnies were snapped on Clee Hill Common in Shropshire, which these days is one of my most productive rabbiteering areas. Considering that the buzzards1 and ravens were out in force when I was there, I was quite pleased to manage a couple of decent photos. Not much more to say, other than "Enjoy!" =:)

(Click to enlarge to 800x600)
Bunny One

(Click to enlarge to 800x600)
Bunny Two

1For the benefit of New World readers, "buzzard" in Britain refers to a hawk of the genus Buteo, generally (as in this case) the Common Buzzard. It does not mean a vulture (we don't have those) and is not a derogatory term as I understand it can be in the United States.
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