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Watching the wild rabbits out there...

Wild Rabbit Watchers
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First things first. What is Rabbiteering? Well, it's a word devised by loganberrybunny on the spur of the moment. It's exact meaning is unknown, but it's presumed to mean those who go out to watch or even just be with wild rabbits, even if it means going out at silly times in the morning. To some of us, these marvellous creatures mean an awful lot.

Which is where this community comes in. It was created as a place for those who like to watch rabbits in the wild to share their feelings. Whether it be a lone rabbit you keep an eye on from your window (lucky you), or a local rabbit warren you crawl about at 5am in the morning to be near. Talk about your experiences here with wild rabbits, or what it means to you to just be with them. Share your photos and stories with us all.

~ Entei-rah (enteirah)

Basic Community Rules

(Please read before joining/posting)

1) Don't reveal the specific location of any rabbits. Keep it vague. This is for 2 reasons. First of all, there's your own safety. It makes it easier for a stranger on the net to locate where you are. Secondly, it's for the safety of the rabbits. Whereas we may not agree with it, it's a sad fact that legally they are considered by many to be pests. As such, if their location becomes known, landowners may do something to remove them. We don't want to help them.

2) This is for people who like rabbits in the wild. Not for those who like to trap or inflict suffering upon them. Anyone considered by myself to be trolling like this will be swiftly banned from the community.

3) The community isn't really designed for talk of pet rabbits. Whereas such topics will be tolerated, and I certainly won't come down on anyone like the people in 2, the preference is for rabbits in the wild outdoors. =:)

No doubt there'll be some more added later. Any ideas, then drop me a line.